We Love Our Environment!

We love our environment,

Therefore we do what we can to reduce our impact on the environments we work in. 

Sustainability and taking care of our environment is really important to us and we’re working hard to minimise the impact of our day-to-day operations, whilst still maintaining our quality service and standards.

We have implemented several changes within our business to help us on our journey to reducing waste and protecting the environment:

Our Warehouse

We apply the same principles from the office in our warehouse and the team work hard to maintain and repair our equipment to avoid wastage.

Our Operations

We bring everything we have created back to our warehouse, to ensure that we can repair or recycle where possible and we continue to make simple switches to reusable materials and tools where we can, such as using velcro ties instead of PVC tape.

Our Logistics

Organisation is key, and our team carefully plan deliveries to ensure we are taking the shortest, most efficient route as well as ensuring we load the van effectively to avoid multiple journeys – especially for those accidentally forgotten items!

Our Logistics

Our internal lighting is triggered by sensors which avoids them being left on when not required, and our office team are very particular when it comes to separating their recyclable waste with the facilities we have installed. We plan ahead to ensure our office and canteen supplies are ordered in bulk to reduce deliveries and packaging materials and we encourage our team to keep everything digital where they can!