Confetti & Streamers

Confetti and streamers are a great addition to any event that needs to have a celebratory feeling. Our professional grade shooters use compressed gas cartridges, meaning they’re safe to use in any venue; better yet, they don’t produce any loud bangs or smoke and don’t require any large gas supplies – perfect for weddings, birthdays, awards dinners, in fact any event.

We stoke a huge variety of colours of metallic and paper confetti and streamer small (50cm) and large (80cm) cartridges.

The shooter units can be linked to trigger at the same time or can be triggered separately remotely.

Smoke, Haze & Dry-Ice Effects

Holding a large stock of atmospheric equipment from low-level fog machines to large high-volume smoke machines we have a unit to suit your event – all have onboard controls as well as remote control and large tank capacities.

Haze machines are perfect to enhance any lighting show; they add a slight haze to the atmosphere which enhances the lighting beams perfectly. Our stock of haze machines are also perfect for theatre or events where low noise is essential. With high capacity tanks they can run hassle free for hours.

Smoke machines generate a large cloud smoke, more suited for night-club / dance events. These machines have massive outputs and as such can fill venues with smoke in a matter of minutes.

Dry-Ice effect machines are perfect for weddings and events which require a dramatic effect. Dry-ice effect machines produce a floor hugging smoke effect which flows like water. Our units are fuss and mess free, only requiring water and smoke fluid.

Events we recently used confetti and effects on