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Live Video Feed

For conferences and events taking place in large venues with large numbers of guests, picking up key points of the event to show on large screens is crucial to involving everyone in the room. Weather it be a keynote speaker or an award winner, live video feeds can enhance your event so everyone can see.

Live Video Streaming

Ideal for events when not all your guests are able to attend, or where you’d like to share the content live with a wider audience, Live Video Streaming enables you to share your event via social media or private, password protected platforms, with the ability to playback at a later date. It’s also a creative solution if you need to seat your delegates in different rooms.

Live Video Streaming can be added to any conference or event.

Layout Options

Add branding to your live stream or show the presentation in real time along side the video feed. Want to add more details no problem, we can work with you to create a template which will perfectly meet your live streaming objectives.

  • Event / company Logo
  • Event Agenda
  • Speaker Name & Presentation Title
  • Different camera angles

Streaming Platforms

Facebook Live Video Streaming Services
Linkedin Live Video Streaming Services
Periscope Video Streaming Services
Twitch Video Streaming Services
YouTube Video Streaming Services

Corporate Grade Video Streaming

Need a more secure live video streaming service – no problem we can provide this too. By using our dedicated streaming platform, we can ensure that your messages are secure and only communicated to the people that need to hear it.


Password protect your live video stream to only allow access to the people you want.


Each live stream can be offer on a Pay-Per-View setup, taking payment prior to the broadcast starting.

Video On-Demand

When your live video stream has concluded, offer this to people as an on-demand service.

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