Due to the introduction of new restrictions, we won’t be holding our showcase event as planned.

Please register using the form below and we’ll contact you once restrictions have lifted and we’re able to run the showcase event again.

In 2020, the number of organizations planning a virtual event doubled (Source: Wild Apricot) which we are pretty sure was in direct response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. With this in mind, the main problem we are expecting to solve for our clients this year is confidence. We know that many businesses do not want to be seen to be holding a large event with a real risk of an infection breakout amongst suppliers/delegates, with the danger of appearing irresponsible. We suspect that the majority of clients will hold out until either mass testing is available, or the vaccine has been rolled out. Now, there’s another question there about how this is managed and whose responsibility it is….but that is most definitely is a question to be answered another day!

We don’t think we’ve ever had a year quite like this one and, it’s not going to be one that’s forgotten quickly that’s for sure. From cancelled events to the rise of Zoom, the entire industry has had to pivot and change quickly for us to survive – and we’ve almost made it. The recent announcements by the PM have provided some much-needed guidance for the events sector (if you missed it you can read more about it here), something which has been lacking since the lockdown was originally eased. Now that we have this guidance, everyone in the industry is trying to make sense of things and understand what the next moves will be, but it does seem that larger events won’t be the same as 2019 for a while.  

“Since the pandemic took hold, we’ve been working closely with our clients to support them taking their events ‘virtual’. Believe it or not, we’ve been winning new business throughout the pandemic – not something that everyone can shout about. We’ve worked with charities to ensure their special events are not missed, held live panel shows and even had annual conferences streamed straight from the Ayre Events studio – all with social distancing adhered to. I know it seems like it right now, but not every event needs to be streamed from your living room. We can still make things slick and professional, without the need for an in-person event.” – Chris Ayre, Managing Director

Going into 2021, all event organisers need to be at the forefront of technology with their offer to clients. Understanding the next steps following fully virtual events is essential to attracting clients back to a venue or successfully planning an event. Events are now going to be massively reliant on technology,  with the majority of events being delivered in a hybrid format (a mixture of virtual and in-person delegates) and luckily for us – Hybrid events are our speciality!

We’re holding a series of open days at our warehouse over the next few weeks to showcase the studio space which our clients have been using for their events. This will give all of our clients an idea of how a hybrid setup would look in their venue and also enable event organisers to get some ideas on how to host gatherings in 2021. From weddings to graduations and from conferences to award ceremonies – we have an option for every event. We’ll also be offering up information and advice on how to approach this with clients and guests, as we know that this is a very new concept.

We will be working on 2-hour meeting slots and can accommodate up to 3 people, so you can bring your partners, friends or colleagues to see what’s possible. Our facilities are fully COVID safe with hand sanitisation stations, NHS test and trace code and plenty of space for social distancing.

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