The AYRE Screen Box Lectern

The perfect accessory to any conference, exhibition, charity auction or any event where you need to position a presenter.

Box Lecterns

Our range of box lecterns are designed and built in-house to ensure the best possibly quality. Each lectern has built in LED lights to allow your presenters to read scripts / notes correctly. Also mounted into the lectern is a power supply for any electrical equipment your presenter may need to use, and shock absorbing connections for goose neck microphones. Each lectern is fully enclosed meaning there are no unsightly cables on show to your audience. We currently have two types of lecterns available.

Blank Lectern

These lecterns can be branded on all three sides or can be colour coded to match the event branding.

Screen Lectern

Boasting a full 49” full HD front-facing screen, the Screen Lectern is ideal for Awards Dinners. The screen can show a variety of content from sponsors logo’s, host names the list is actually endless.