Benefits for


Use your smart phone as a microphone that broadcasts over the event's PA system.


Control your event by selecting speakers, disabling microphones, and conducting real-time polls.

More Benefits

Engage your audience!

Crowd Mics creates memorable and FUN experiences that increase engagement and excitement.

The free app empowers attendees with great participation features:


Their smart phone acts as a personal mic, broadcasting their voice to the room


Attendees can also participate in real-time polling


If an attendee doesn’t want to talk, no problem! Just submit a question via text


Lets attendee know when it's their turn to talk

More Attendee Benefits
example phone showing the talk now feature when active for an attendee

For meeting attendees, getting started is easy as. . . .

1. Download the free attendee app

2. Connect to event / venue Wi-Fi

3. Join the event in the app

Attendee Benefits

Moderator Benefits

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