Conference Production

It all starts with a concept, and by working closely with our clients, our team gains an in-depth understanding of what they need to achieve, and what the ultimate outcome is. By utilising our in-house set design and constriction service, we’re able to offer clients a full conference production service including, set design, vision, sound, lighting, video production and interactive technologies.

Working alongside clients’ design or branding agency; we can also support with presentation design and consultation, which includes collating speaker presentations, checking content sizes and designs. Along with video and media content management, our team can take care of everything.

By relying on our experience, clients can relax safe in the knowledge that their conference will be delivered to the very highest professional standard.

But our expertise doesn’t stop at conference production; we can also support clients with venue sourcing, theming, conference print production and delegate management.

Stage & Sets

Staging is perfect to elevate presenters and speakers, so all your audience is able to see them. Whether you have single or multiple presenters or even a panel discussion, we can provide the correct size stage at the ideal height for your conference.

Coupled with our stages, and providing the perfect professional backdrop to any conference, stage set’s allow companies to place their branding central stage so it’s in plain sight of every delegate attending the event – no more do you have to put up with those jaded conference room walls!

Looking for something more bespoke – we’ve got you covered! We carry a huge stock of stage and set elements, which can be built together to create something custom. And if that’s right for you, we can design, build and deliver a totally bespoke stage set for your event.


Your presentation is the thing that all delegates will be seeing for the duration of your conference. So it’s important for it not only to carry your brand, but it also needs to be engaging and well designed.

You may already have a designer in place who can develop your slides but they may not have the skills to implement them into a presentation format. Or you may have a fully built presentation which is provided by your central marketing team.

Whether you have never built a presentation before, or you have a fully designed and built presentation – our team are able to support you. We can build and design your presentation to meet your brand identity or provide consultation on already built presentations to ensure they will run smoothly and correctly for your conference.

Print & Graphics

Whether it’s sales or training brochures for delegates or directional signage and branding points; conferences can sometimes require a substantial amount of print to be created.

You may have a contract in place to source your print and graphics, however, it can be difficult to obtain print and graphics for your conference within specific timescales or budgets.

We can source and manage your printed media and graphics on your behalf, and then transport these along with your technical team to the venue of your conference. Any residual print can be returned to our warehouse either to be stored for your next conference or can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Logistics & Storage

You may have various pieces of equipment for your conferences, such as pop-up banners, brochures, table covers and may not have room or wish to store these items.

It may be that you travel to your conference venue on public transport and do not have the facilities to move such elements around. If so, we can help!

We manage the logistics and storage in our Leeds warehouse for many of our clients’ conference equipment, meaning they don’t need to worry about getting it to the conference venue, returning it or storing it.

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