Our Approach

We understand that our clients require different levels of support, meaning we provide a totally custom package for each of them. From roadshow tours for covering England to more structured support including presentation design and consultation; we can provide as much or as little support as required.

Using our 5 stage process we’re able to provide a constant high level of service to all our clients, no matter the size or location of the project.

We spend time with you and your team to understand the outcomes you need to achieve from your project. Offering up ideas for consideration, advising on what works and what may not be as effective.

We use our 15 years+ industry experience to draft up a proposal for your project which ticks all the boxes we discussed in the initial meeting. To give you and your team a visual aid we create draft visuals of your project. This is good as things can be amended before the event and a single piece of equipment has been setup.

Once we have constructed a draft project proposal, we present this back to you and your team answering and questions you may have, or taking an amendment notes to reproduce the draft proposal or amend the visuals.

Our team arrives on site to install all the equipment as design in the project visuals. Our team remain onsite for the duration of your project to ensure everything is delivered as agreed and to deal with any technical problems.

Following conclusion of your project, we meet with you and your team to fully evaluate the project and the service our team has provided. This gives us chance to have a transparent conversation to understand how the project was delivered; if the objectives were delivered; and any feedback from either you and your team or our technical team.

We Love Our Environment

Sustainability and taking care of our environment is really important to us and we’re working hard to minimise the impact of our day-to-day operations, whilst still maintaining our quality service and standards.

We have implemented several changes within our business to help us on our journey to reducing waste and protecting the environment.

  • We try to ensure all communications with our clients and suppliers are digital where possible.
  • Our invoicing and accounting is all digital reducing our overall paper consumption.
  • We purchase cleaning materials, canteen supplies and general supplies in bulk reducing delivery and packaging.

Our Warehouse & Offices

  • Repair equipment where possible, if not possible send for recycling.
  • Use only LED lighting to light the warehouse & offices.
  • Recycle packaging where possible.
  • Recycle office waste where possible.
  • Adear to battery testing and recycling policy.

Our Operations

  • Waste created on site is returned back to our warehouse for recycling.
  • Use Velcro cable ties instead of PCV tape.
  • Switched to reusable materials & tools where possible.

Our Logistics

  • Delivery and collections take shortest and most efficient routes.
  • Precise prepping procedures to avoid forgotten items.

Health & Safety

We know the industry we work in has the potential to be very high-risk, therefore we have a robust internal Health & Safety policy. We carry out a risk assessment for each and every event to ensure our team can install and deliver the event safely.

Every team member receives extensive training and have access to all appropriate safety equipment, including Personal Protective Equipment.

Extending on our usual Health and Safety Policy, is our COVID-19 policy for equipment hire. All equipment which is used either for Dry-Hire or Production events is fully sanitised and marked as part of our usual returns procedure before it’s returned back into our warehouse stock.

  • All equipment carries a valid PAT
  • All equipment is regularly inspected
  • All staff / freelancers are H&S trained
  • We will always work safely