Gala Awards Dinners

We love the excitement and energy that comes with working on Awards Dinners, utilising our extensive experience we work alongside our clients to understand their vision for the event; with our team supporting with not only the design, but implementation and delivery of the event.

Our internal process ensures a smooth stress-free experience for our clients, regardless of location, number of guests, time frames or budgets.

By providing 3D CAD designs for your event you can see how it will look allowing for changes to be made even before a single light has been hung or stage deck setup.

We can also work with you on the entertainment, script writing, table décor and entire event theming. Utilising our in-house set design and construction service we can create a bespoke stage set for the evening.

Stage & Sets

Awards events are like no other event, they are a chance to celebrate successes and wins amongst family, friends, and colleagues. With an air full of buzz, excitement, anticipation, and celebration, they are the one event that everyone looks forward to.

A stage elevates not only the presenters and your host, but your award winners so fellow guests can capture that all important winning photo. We can provide the correct size stage at the correct height for your awards event. Our stages can be fully customised to match your event with a choice of carpet, access steps and ramps.

To complement your stage, stage sets provide the perfect professional backdrop to any awards event. By incorporating your branding, your event will flow seamlessly onto the stage, and into the winning phots taken throughout the evening. You can, for additional exposure, include any sponsor logos onto the set graphics as well.

We carry a huge stock of stage and set elements, which can be built together to create something custom, but, if that is not enough, we can design, build and deliver a totally bespoke stage set for your awards event.

Lights, Camera, Action

No matter the size, awards events rely heavily on technology. Whether it be a projector to show the presentation slides announcing the winner, or speakers playing out the hosts’ voice and music stings when awards winners are announced.

The right use of technology vastly enhances an awards event, turning it from a celebration event to a spectacular celebration event. Instantly changing the atmosphere into one buzzing with anticipation, and exactment.

We have been supporting awards events for years and know what works and what does not. By working with you and your team we can devise a proposal which exceeds your guests expectations and takes your awards event to the next level – the only problem is, you need to find something to beat it the following year!

Regional Business Awards

Taking an awards programme on the road is no small feat. With many moving parts and lots of elements to consider. No single venue is the same, and neither is the setup of your awards event.

We understand that it is not as easy as picking up an event and putting it into another venue. There are many things to consider, access, rigging points, layouts, visual restrictions amongst other things.

Working alongside you and your team, we will not only understand what your requirements are at a local level, but a national one also. Utilising our extensive experience delivering technical support for local, regional, and national awards event programmes; you can leave all the technical side of your events to us, allowing you to concentrate on everything else.

We support all kinds of awards events

Charity Awards Events

Recognizing people who have gone above and beyond; charity awards events are full of excitement and celebration. Often people who attend charity awards events are not regular awards attendees, so these events are even more special.

There are often a lot of considerations to be made for a charity awards event, location, venue and most importantly budgets.

Having supported many charity awards events over the years, we understand the budget constraints as well as the demand such events have on the organisers. We can support you and your team with as much or as little as you require.

Business Recognition Awards

Recognising your employees and teams who have gone above and beyond or achieved great things with an internal company awards event is a fantastic way to boost your team’s moral.

We understand that business recognition awards events are fast-paced and once running cannot be stopped. Working along side you and your team, we ensure all elements are fully planned for. Potential problems which may arise are fully thought out and planned for to prevent the event having to stop.

Business Awards Events

Some may have spent years perfecting their trades, others may be new start-ups in their fields – business awards events are as wide ranging as the guests who attend.

Business awards events require substantially more technical support as they often host 100’s of guests. Understanding this and having years of experience supporting such events, we know what equipment is required to ensure your event is a success. Whether it is a small local business awards for 250 guests or a large lavish highly-produced business awards event for 1,000 guests – we have you covered.

We work with you, your team, and stakeholders to design a proposal which ticks all the boxes and delivers an unforgettable experience for not only your guests, but the awards winners and event sponsors.


Branding & Graphics

Custom Stage Sets