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Whether you require a desktop projector & screen or full technical support for your client; we understand how it all works. Having worked with venues for many years, we understand how you work, what you need, when you need it and have developed special tailored services to make it easy as possible for any venue to work with us! Whether you run a small local restaurant or a large city centre venue – we have you covered.

Most Wanted Price List

Custom Online Bookings Management System

Here When You Need Us – 24/7

Fully Transparent Pricing Structure

When you need extra support

As one of our partner venues, you benefit from having access to not only the equipment on our most wanted price list, but our entire ready-to-hire stock.


  • LED Uplighters
  • Stage Spot Lights
  • Intelligent Moving Heads


  • Various sized stage decks
  • Steps
  • Carpet
  • Skirt
  • Railings

Misc Support

  • Presenter Clickers
  • Laptops
  • Countdown Clock
  • Display Boards

Technical Support

  • On-Site Technicians
  • Phone Support


  • Desktop Projectors
  • Tripod & Fixed Frame Projection Screens
  • Flatscreens
  • Video Switchers
  • High-Brightness Projectors


  • Handheld Radio Mics
  • Lapel Radio Mics
  • Laptop Audio Connection
  • Gooseneck Mics
  • Speaker Packages

It’s not our way or the highway!

We believe that in our industry, we need to be as flexible as possible. We incorporate this principle into our venue partnership agreements too. We don’t believe that its our way or the highway – we work with you as you need us to. Want to refer your clients directly to us and our team deals with everything, no problem. Want to book equipment on behalf of your client and charge a commission on top of our costs, not a problem.

There’s more!
Staff Training

We’ve found that the best way to deal with basic technical problems is to ensure the venues team has a basic understanding of the equipment so they can problem solve. Some things that go wrong can be a quick fix, but for more complicated problems, we’re always on the end of the phone, and if we still can’t fix the problem one of our team will return to site to correct the issue.

Annual Training Programme

No Cost At All

Free Phone Support

Available 24/7

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