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Venue capacities have been drastically reduced with the requirement for social distancing. To accommodate higher capacities (up to the limit of 30 people), appropriate PPE or controls need to be put into place.

Our Screen Guards (built by us) are the perfect solution for any event. The freestanding frames can be located anywhere within a function space, and due to their small footprint, they’re not intrusive. Using the Screen Guards allows the space required between delegates to be reduced, resulting in a safely increased capacity for your event.

We have carefully chosen the materials used in the Screen Guard to ensure top performance and quality. The heavy-duty PVC is resistant to chemicals allowing for cleaning between uses without any ‘shadowing’ after several cleans.

The Screen Guards stand 1.8m tall by 1.3m wide, they’re supplied in a matt painted black finish as standard but can be provided in different colours and can carry branding to the PVC.

To find out more information, please speak with one of our team.

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