Connecting audiences, no matter their location

Conferences, seminars, and symposiums have incorporated elements of hybrid for years. With larger events having offered a virtual element for overseas delegates who were not able to travel to the hosting county for numerous reasons.

In more recent times however, it has become a much more widely used term, looking forward to conferences post pandemic. With event organisers of all shapes looking to see how they are able to deliver a post pandemic conference programme, attracting as many delegates as possible, providing them with the options which best suite their current circumstances (attending physically or virtually).

Having a good grasp of why you need to consider a Hybrid element for your conference is important, as not all conferences will lend themselves to this kind of setup, either because of the content been delivered, or the type of delegates.

We have been delivering virtual and digital services for events for many years. We understand what considerations need to be made, what works best and are on hand to advise and guide you from conception to delivery.  Take a look over the key areas below for further details, or if you have a project you’re currently working on, drop us a message.

Hybrid Delegates

Providing delegates the option of accessing your conference virtual will become much more common place as the benefits of Hybrid are realised.

As Working from Home, and flexible working have been adopted over the past year by more companies, there is now an expectation for this flexible approach to be available across other business activities, such as conferences. This also fits more in line with people’s expectation of a ‘on-demand’ availability – such as that offered by streaming services such as Netflix.

This does pose a slight headache for event organisers. Creating content for one delivery method can be time consuming at the best of times without having to adapt this for another audience or have to incorporate their requirements into your conference event plans.

But it’s not as complicated as you first think. By working with us we can provide as much or as little support as you require. Whether you require full support for initial concept creation to delivery, we’re on hand to offer up our wealth of experience.

Hybrid Presenters

The unrealised potential of Hybrid Conferences is not only limited to having Hybrid Delegates.

Utilising the technology in reverse, you now have access to a worldwide pool of presenters without the associated costs of travel and environmental impact, no matter where they are located, as long as they have access to a good stable internet connection.

The technology which allows your presenter to be beamed live into you Hybrid Conference, also allows for two-way communication allowing either your live host, or delegates to ask questions to gain their insight into a particular subject. You can even have them take part in a live panel discussion.

If your unsure where to start or have a plan in process and a presenter you would like to have attend your event – speak with our team today to find out how we can support you and your Hybrid Conference.

Conference Content

One of the fantastic biproducts of a Hybrid Conference is the ability to capture content – and loads of it.

As many conferences used to be delivered as only in person events, and unless a video crew was onsite, there wasn’t the ability to capture the presentations or discussions from the conference.

Capturing content from your Hybrid Conference allows you to offer up such content as either a value adding service to in-person and virtual delegates or as an on-demand service following the conference. Which is a fantastic additional revenue generator (if your conference is monetised).

If you’ve already got plans in place for your Hybrid Conference, we can still support you with editing and hosting your video content – speak with our team to find out how we can support you.