Live Music Event Streaming

Live music events are limited on capacities, and with the control measures in place for controlling the pandemic, there may be further restrictions on capacities at live music events. But this doesn’t have to stop your audience attending the event.

Like broadcasting a live music event on TV; hybrid services add an additional dimension to your live music event. Guests who were unable to obtain a ticket, or who would prefer to partake from home can still get access. It also allows you to have another revenue generation source.

Creating a virtual access path for you guests allows you to provide them with premium content which in person guests may not otherwise have access to, backstage interviews, special performances etc.

Our team can with you to develop a solution which is totally unique to your live music event.

Live Theatre Streaming

Introducing hybrid services into your next theatre performance means you can reach audiences like never before.

Utilising different camera angles and levels, your theatre performance can be captured be streamed in high quality to your virtual audience no matter where they are in the world. Captured locally, you can create additional content for promotional use or to allow for an on-demand service post event.

Couple with a microsite, you can deliver special content directly to your virtual audience.

Our team can advise you and guide you on placement of cameras, overlays and on-screen graphics and transitions to ensure your virtual audience have a fantastic experience.

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