Your hybrid technical delivery partner

Hybrid isn’t a new concept but is relatively new to the wider events sector. In its basic terms, a hybrid event is a mixture of in-person and virtual delegates or presenters.

Providing or advising clients with hybrid services can be a daunting thought. Especially if you’ve never had experience with the concept previously. Working with venues for several years and meant that we really understand how you operate and work on a day-to-day basis. This has enabled us to adapt our service offering specifically for venues.

We can provide basic training on the concepts used within hybrid events, so when you’re speaking with your clients you had a good understanding of the benefits to their events.

Whether your client’s event is a small meeting with one presenter and 30 onsite delegates and 100 online, or a full production with multiple presenters and delegates – we have you and your client covered.

We’ve given an overview of our services for venues, if you can’t see what you’re looking for or would like to know more about our services; simple drop us a message.

We provide much more than just support for hybrid events, take a look at our venue support.

Professional Equipment

We carry large stocks of equipment which enables us to support your clients no matter what event their looking to deliver in your venue.  By working with them we gather a clear understanding of what they need to achieve, then provide a solution which will do this.

There’s no need to worry about who will set it up or deal with any problems, as we supply an experienced technician with each hybrid event hire to ensure that everything works as it should. And, if there are any technical problems, they can be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Network Infrastructure

Networking infrastructure is the foundation to delivering a high-quality problem free hybrid conference. We understand that not every venue is equipped with the latest infrastructure to allow this, so we have built our own mobile solutions, utilising the same high-quality equipment used in our studio space.

Using our experience and knowledge we can advise on your current setup and ensure that you are able to accommodate hybrid events without any potential problems.