Worry free,
fuss free
& user friendly.

There's nothing more off putting for your virtual delegates than a platform which is complicated, hard to use, and clunky. We’ve taken time to ensure that our platform is easy to use right from logging on, to viewing the webinar, to asking a question and everything else in between.

Virtual Delegate Registration System.

Extremely light page template.

Responsive site design (use on any device).

No apps or software to download.

Deliver your message;
on brand!

When you want your virtual delegates to experience your brand, your colour and your tone of voice; everything that makes you; well, you!

Custom subdomain name.


Colour where you want it.

White label emails.

Additional brandable pages.

Demo images

The Studio
professional streaming studio

Our webinar platform becomes even more powerful when linked with our virtual streaming studio. Bring together all your presenters (in a COVID-19 safe space) to present their sessions. No more relying on dodgy, intermittent internet connections, muted mics and low quality cameras.