Webcasting is a great option for every kind of event from conferences and awards dinners to festivals and private events. You can stream your event or message to all major social media platforms or for more confidential or private events a private password-protected portal.

As our systems are totally independent of all major streaming platforms we can guarantee your stream will be stable throughout.


Most major social media platforms don’t have the ability to switch between different content providers (bands, singers, hosts etc), and they don’t allow you to connect to other social media platforms meaning you’re only able to stream on one platform at a time.

We’re able to accept many different inputs at the same time, and merge these into one stream to as many different social media / streaming platforms as you require.

You could have a host who is comparing between acts / keynote speakers, and each act / keynote speaker in different locations all sending content.

Have pre-recorded content? No problem we can manage this as well for you and feed this into your webcast.

Single Stream

Holding a conference, awards dinner, or private event you want the world to see, or maybe only selected few? We have the equipment able to capture the audio and video and stream this out live form your event, no matter the location.

Need to have a multi camera setup – again this can be achieve and streamed out onto major social media / streaming platforms.

Layout & Branding

Fully brand your stream, or show multiple video sources at one time, add a social media stream; in fact, the possibilities are endless. We will work with you to understand how you want content to be shown, how you want the layout to be and what branding you want to apply to your stream.