The small screen is now the central stage of your Pride event

Events worldwide have been cancelled due to the current challenges we all find ourselves in; and Pride events are no different.

Pride events are often the main drivers of fundraising for local communities and charities UK wide; they have slowly become a focal point event to the community; providing not only a day of celebration and entertainment; but a chance for a community to come together and connect.

We have launched our CastPride programme, which is aimed at supporting smaller Pride events who would have otherwise had to cancel their events completely. This programme enables a Pride event to be cast to social media platforms, or a dedicated page for the local community to access.

With support from our team, your Pride event can still take place, all be it in a virtual sense.


They are a key part of majority of Pride events, often providing substantial financial support to enable the event to go ahead; moving a Pride event to a virtual platform is no different.

By working alongside our team; sponsor advertisements can be incorporated into the broadcast schedule giving airtime to your all-important sponsors, ultimately still generating a sponsorship revenue for the event.


Much like a live stage production; a Pride event is kept on track and energy levels high by having a host who compares between the acts; taking a Pride event virtual is no different. Having a host on hand to lead your audience throughout the broadcast is essential, if an act who has joined the broadcast remotely looses connection, the host can take over again and carry on the show.

Live Content

Entertainment has always formed the main part of any Pride event, and a virtual Pride event is no different. Acts can join remotely and be part of the Pride broadcast, all they need is a stable internet connection and ability to capture audio and video.

Our team is on hand to provide support getting acts connected to the broadcast and support with planning the broadcast schedule.

Pre-Recorded Content

For acts who don’t have the facility to connect live, a recording can be sent and incorporated into the live broadcast. For acts who aren’t able to capture video, an audio recording can still be used with a holding image for the broadcast.