We get you!

We’ve worked in the events industry for many years and have built up a huge amount of experience working not only with venues, with agents. Some don’t get it, but we do, we know you’re the central part to the entire operation, and we also know that your time, just like your clients is precious.

You need to be confident that whichever provider you’re working with, they have the ability and expertise to deliver what they say they can, not only on time, but on budget.

You’d be surprised the times we’ve seen it all left to chance, using the venues providers without reference checking, or speaking with the supplier prior to the event. This scares us; we love talking to people and building not only relationships, but trust – after all, this is the key to delivering a great event.

See, we get you!

Every great relationship starts with a coffee . . .

We can put as much information on this page about our services and the way we support our Agent partners, but we’d much prefer to grab a coffee and have a chat, find out more about you and tell you a little about us.

Afterall, that’s how the best relationships start right?