Whether your hosting a music festival for 1,000’s of people, or a local food & drink festival, we have the lighting to make your site work.

From festoon which can either be supplied with decorative coloured lamps, or higher powered lamps for lighting pathways, toilet areas, or concession stands. Fairy lights to add to the ambiance of the event, or large LED flood lights to light- buildings or points of interest. We have you covered.

We hold over 2,000 meters of warm-white fairy lights in stock, over 1,500 meters of festoon (which can be loaded with your choice of lamps) and various other outdoor rated lighting fixtures.

Flood lighting

Using outdoor flood lighting at your event can not only transform your event area but can totally transform how builds and other points of interest look.

Our outdoor flood lighting hire stock are all LED, which means you can achieve practically any colour you can imagine. When you need more flexibility, or lighting in hard to reach places, our battery operated outdoor lighting fixtures are the perfect choice.

Festoon Lighting

Both functional and decorative, festoon lighting has become a lot more popular over the past few years.

When utilising brighter lamps; festoon lighting is ideal for use on event sites, walkways, and paths where the surface may not be even. Festoon lighting is also preferred over tower lighting for illuminate paths and walkways. It’s able to cover a greater distance whilst still providing adequate lighting, as well as providing a guide to the route for guests.

For applications where decoration is the focus, such as beer festivals, marquees, and wider event site applications. Utilising lower brightness lamps with various colours is the perfect option. The festoon provides a modern decoration, whilst still providing illumination to the area.

Fairy Lighting

Whilst fairy lighting is similar to festoon, it’s not as bright and doesn’t have the ability to change out the lamps for brighter, or different colours.

Often preferred for weddings and parties over festoon, fairy lights provide a subtle illuminating hue to the area they are used in. Perfect for illuminated walkways, paths and decoration.

Fairy lighting is often preferred for events such as Christmas markets and other festive events.

Battery Operated LED Lighting

When power is limited, or hard to reach, battery operated LED lighting fixtures are a great alternative. Perfect for illuminating features such as trees, walls, plinths, or entrance gates.