Getting clients back into venues is going to be the biggest challenge. Some will be all in favour of getting back to doing things as they used to, some may be more reserved, and some may not have a choice but to be guided by their delegates. Either way, getting your clients back into your venue is going to be crucial to communicating your hybrid offering to them. Some clients may be well ahead of the trend; however, some may still not understand the concept.

Think back to the pre-pandemic days when you used to hold fam trips for agents and key clients. These events brought your key buyer into your venue to see and experience your facilities first-hand.

There may be some associated costs entailed with hosting a hybrid fam trip for clients for example food and beverage costs, staffing, setup, advertising etc, but it’s the perfect way of getting clients to understand what your offering is.

If, as we’ve advised earlier on in this article, you’ve partnered with an AV/Event Production supplier, explore the possibility with them to support you with a demo event. They would be able to install all the required equipment and even have representation onsite to speak with your clients and answer their questions.

The more clients you can attract to an event like this the more they will understand what your service offering is, and the more likely they will place business with you moving forwards.

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