It may seem an obvious one, but it is surprising the number of venues that don’t update their website to reflect been able to offer hybrid events.

Many venues we have spoken with recently have said that they’ve not had any enquiries for hybrid events, and some who have been pushing the concept have had a lot.

Many clients will be looking for venues that are actively promoting hybrid; with the thought process been if the venue isn’t pushing it, they’re possibly not able to provide it.

Offering up packages and advice to clients is a great way of getting clients to engage with you about their event. Having dedicated pages on your website and especially create advertising materials will further secure your client’s confidence in being able to provide a professional high-quality hybrid service offering is crucial.

Don’t just promote for the full event either, some clients may look to have their event in one venue and arrange for delegates to be hosted in another remote location. Or they may wish to have a presenter travel to a local hotel to broadcast their presentation to another location. Showing you have a flexible and creative approach to the new way of working will be acknowledged by clients and will put you at the forefront of the new era of events.

If you’re still unsure how you can make sure of offering hybrid services to your clients or don’t know where to start, our team are on hand. We’re having daily conversations with venues to advise and guide them on the next steps. We’re also aligning closely with venues to support them deliver hybrid events to their clients. Speak with our team today to start your journey into hybrid events with a professional creative thinking company.

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