We all know that making a speech is daunting enough without heckling from guests that they cannot hear you, and you do not have a microphone and you are already shouting as load as you can. This is similar for hosts and toastmasters alike, yes, they are familiar with talking loudly, but this can be somewhat offensive for guests.

We use the same professional equipment for Wedding PA systems as we do on our major production events, so you can be safe in the knowledge that the equipment we supply is of a professional high quality.

We have noted the two main reasons why you should consider having an audio system installed into your Wedding venue below. Our team will work with you to understand your requirements and propose a solution which perfectly enhances your Wedding.


Whether you love or loathe them, speeches are a mainstay of the Wedding traditions across the land. It’s the opportunity for the Wedding party to partake in congratulations of the happy couple, share thoughts and old memories, as well as thank the guests.

It’s important that each and every person who is partaking in a speech is able to be heard clearly by all guests. A professional audio system can distribute audio across your function space so everyone can hear them all important words spoken by the Wedding party.

Background Music

Often overlooked during the planning stages of a Wedding; background music is great for adding to the atmosphere of your Wedding.

Complied of the happy couple’s favourite music, it’s great for bridging the gap from guests taking their seats and speeches starting.

Wedding Entertainment PA System

Weddings often have some form of entertainment, whether that be a DJ or live function band.

When hiring a DJ and function band for your Wedding, they have a duplicate of equipment, and sometimes they are restricted on the amount of space they have to setup speakers etc. To avoid having large piles of equipment either side of the stage, we have supplied a single audio system for both the band and DJ to use fully managed by one of our technicians. This delivers a far cleaner setup, and generally delivers better sounding audio.

Some professional function bands don’t have their own audio equipment and require this to be hired in for them. We carry vast stocks of audio equipment which allows us to be able to cater for most technical requirements.

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