Lighting can completely transform a venue or event space with most modern lighting fixtures utilising LED technology and able to generate millions of colours. There are many options available for weddings, from subtle up-lighting to bold and loud setups filling the event area with different colours and brightness. It's important to understand what you would like to achieve and then make the equipment fit to that specification.

We have split our wedding lighting services into three distinct categories to help you understand what is possible for each area of your big day.

We don’t have set packages for weddings as we understand each has its own challenges and clients require completely different outcomes. Our team will work with you to understand what you are looking for and then propose a solution.

Wedding Venue Lighting

Not all wedding venue lighting needs to be big, bold, and loud (unless that is what you’re going for of course). Utilising subtle lighting fixtures to up-light features within your venue can really enhance the atmosphere of the day. Spot lighting focused on table centrepieces is a great way of further lifting the venue.

We stock a vast range of lighting fixtures which are perfect for lighting your wedding venue. Utilising the latest LED technology, they can create millions of colours, so we are sure to be able to match or complement your wedding colour scheme.

Our team will work with you to understand your requirements and propose a solution which perfectly enhances your wedding.

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The Queens Hotel

Leeds - West Yorkshire

The Hepworth

Wakefield - West Yorkshire

Wedding Party Lighting

A great party is the perfect ending to a beautiful wedding day, and nothing says party more than lots of lighting changing colours and moving to the beat of the music.

We’ve supplied all sorts of setups for weddings across England, Scotland and Wales. Some small and minimal, some large extravagant setups with lasers, moving heads and haze machines. No matter what setup you’re looking for, a festival type setup or a nightclub feeling; we have the experience and equipment to make it happen.

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Outdoor Wedding Lighting

Romantic locations such as marquees, stately homes and rustic barns allow for some very creative lighting options which are sure to amaze your guests and create an enchanted atmosphere.

Imagine the daylight has started to fade, and fairy lights lead you down the path to your wedding marquee surrounded by trees lit up by subtle tones of colour.

We understand that not all weddings are the same, and nor should they be. Your wedding day is totally unique and so is our support. We will work with you to develop a proposal that delivers all you want and more.

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Birdsall House

Malton - North Yorkshire

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