Weddings are magical events, full of emotion and high energy. The atmosphere created at a Wedding is unlike any other event.

Effects are great for further enhancing the atmosphere of your Wedding, in particular during first dances

We have listed three of our top effects below, these can either be hired on their own or as part of a larger package.

Dry-Ice Effect

Often referred to as ‘dancing on the clouds’, dry-ice is a great effect to use during a first dance. With low hugging cloud effect, it looks as though the happy couple are floating as they dance around the dance flood. We stock a dry-ice fog generators and dry-ice free effect units.


A breath-taking safe effect to use during the first dance in any venue. The effect doesn’t create any heat so is totally safe to the touch.

Confetti & Streamers

A mainstay in many celebration events, including Weddings. Confetti and streams are available in a wide variety of styles (metallic, paper) and colours. We stock two main kinds, electronically fired from special base units, or hand held cannons.

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