With Covid-19 restrictions on weddings now lifted and engagement ring sales soaring, our new research reveals the five best wedding planning apps for newly engaged couples. 


Following a staggering 145% increase in interest for the search term “wedding planners”¹ and a 56% increase in searches for “unique proposal ideas”², we reveal five of the best apps to download for wedding planning. 

From a personal wedding assistant to an inspirational mood board app, this list has got it covered. Five of the best wedding planning apps include3:

1. Pinterest

With 4.8 stars out of 5 and over four million reviews, Pinterest has been rated one of the best wedding apps to help create mood boards that help inspire the aesthetics of a wedding. From dresses, decorations, and venue layout, Pinterest allows couples to create ‘boards’ dedicated to specific aspects of their wedding. 


The boards enable users to ‘pin’ images that inspire them, and they will be kept all in one place so they can always refer back to them during the planning process.

2. Appy Couple

The ultimate wedding planner, Appy Couple, allows engaged couples to create a personalised wedding website that can be used both by the happy couple and guests. As well as using the application to share information with guests about the big day, couples can use the app to manage guest lists, send invitations and collect RSVPs. 


The app is rated 4.8 stars out of 5 in the Apple store and has over 3.3k reviews, including: “I absolutely love this app. I really like how you can customise the site to look the way you like. I love all designs. It is very beautiful and user friendly.”

3. Wedding Happy

Free to download with the option to purchase extra features, Wedding Happy is an alternative to a personal assistant and is rated 4.8 stars out of 5. The wedding planning app reminds couples of upcoming deadlines, payments to venues and suppliers and they can email innovations to guests through the tool. 


With over 1.3k reviews, the app is frequently described as being “stress-free” and “highly recommended”.

4. Wedbox

Endorsed by many users, Wedbox allows couples and guests to upload wedding-related photos. From engagement party pictures to images of the big day, Wedbox will keep all wedding photography in one place, so newlyweds don’t have to search through social media to find candid photos from friends and family. 


The 4.7 out of 5 rated app is highlighted as an essential tool; one of the reviews read: “I am so incredibly pleased with Wedbox! I didn’t want all of my photos shared all over social media with hashtags, so I went looking for an app that could host them. What a treasure this was! The app is incredibly easy to navigate, even for the technology challenged”. 

5. IVow

Branded as “easy-to-use” and “professional”, IVow is a free wedding planning app that allows couples to view wedding venues, search for suppliers, plan room layouts, and invite wedding guests. IVow prompts users with crucial reminders, helps keeps couples within their budget, and promises to reduce the stress of planning the big day. With 4.4 stars out of 5, the app has many glowing reviews, including: “I love this app! It has everything I need for planning my wedding, all in one place. I can tick off my to-do list, sort my table plan, keep an eye on my budget and see what fantastic offers venues have available for me!”.

The Wedding Industry

The wedding industry has been one of the most affected by government restrictions. The ongoing uncertainty around planning a wedding has made what should be an exciting experience a difficult one to navigate for many engaged couples. But with restrictions now lifted for weddings, it’s exciting to see the industry picking up again and the increase in engaged couples finally tying the knot.


Wedding planning is an exciting task, but it will almost always come with stress unless it’s done right and with organisation at the heart of the process. For those newly engaged and planning a wedding, we encourage you to download one, if not all, of the wedding apps in this top five list to see which one works best for you. 


Planning a wedding with the help of an app or working with wedding specialists can be the difference between a wedding running smoothly and a wedding becoming a disaster.


If you are in need of support with your upcoming wedding, we can help! From wedding lighting, audio, effects, staging and tech, we have a wealth of experience. Contact us today to see how we can support you with your big day. 


  1. Google trends data for the term “wedding planners” correct as of September 2021 
  2. Search volume data for the term “unique proposal ideas” correct as of September 2021
  3. Wedding planning apps and reviews/ratings gathered from the Apple Store